How many subscriptions are you paying for that you’ve forgotten about?

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I just realized why I am so broke (just kidding), but in all seriousness. Have you looked at all the auto deductions that we have taken off our credit cards or checking accounts. WOWZERS. Last summer I left my full-time job to manage our home/family and to start focusing on blogging and my home business in making signs.. and started to look over the auto deductions… ummm. It wasn’t fair to my husband that I had these items coming to me and he works so hard. I do enjoy my @Amazon deliveries and no I do not need that monthly subscription of perfume, or that streaming subscription. Man does that really add up. Let’s break down a SAMPLE of what sort of items that a typical female or family may have monthly deducted.

  • $20 Stitch Fix, if you purchase something the $20 goes towards your purchases
  • $21 Rocksbox, jewelry rental, the monthly can go towards if you purchase an item
  • $14.95 Scentbird, you get a list of purse size spritzers to try. 
  • $49.99 fabfitfun, cheaper if you do the annual subscription box
  • $10.86 Xbox, monthly gaming subscription for kids to be on the X-box and play games
  • $10 Ring (camera/security system)

That is over $125 a month.

This list can go on and on.  I just added up and was like, uh…..  so removed, unsubscribe I went.   It honestly felt so freeing to cancel so many I was subscribed to.  And now I get more enjoyment out of the ones I really want – such as that Annual @FabFitFun subscription.  @FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box, meaning you’ll only receive it four times a year. Each box contains $200+ worth of goodies from skincare, makeup, home, fitness, fashion, and more – all hand-picked by the FabFitFun team!  

This society have such an impulsive mindset these days with social media and the click here, shop now options and all our credit cards are all saved so there is no stop and grabbing that credit card, taking the time to enter all the data so by the time it comes to ‘checkout’ you may think in that time span, what am I doing? I do not need this, I have a trip coming up I am saving for, or my kids have school clothes they need or new shoes…. 

My goal for 2020 is to really be mindful of what I purchase. 

What are things that have helped you be more mindful of purchases?

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