Packing for Travel

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Who here tends to over-pack? ME! I know I do. I even have notes that remind me NOT to over-pack. As a result, I went ahead and purchased a few gadgets to help me pack and not have to take extra bags. My over thinking brain of what I ‘might’ need, needs a new process of plan ahead with outfits and go with the glow mentality. Over packing stresses me out and not bringing something stresses me out too.

Packing for Travel by compression

Here are some of my SAVE ME items to help ‘compress’ down my packing style. And so my last trip in Vegas, I was there a week, was less packed then my previous trip, but still needs help, as a result, I am going on another trip soon, so my goal here is to help myself and others that over process, have anxiety, pack better and make it more enjoyable to arrive at an airport to go through security stress ‘less’ and also the stressful un-boarding, grabbing your case from the overhead.

Let’s give this a go. Please let me know in the comments below, and share how you have downsized your packing to a carry-on and what works for you to make it less stressful.

First, I purchased this beautiful luggage set from Amazon, I got the 3pc on black Friday and I love love them. I get so many compliments on them. As of right now, it is out of stock, but I found this BEAUTIFUL set that is affordable, clickable link below.

There is a fabulous alternative below in my curated guide and I REALLY love this one. It’s called the Kenzie, set of 3.. Travel in style

I have found that using packing cubes and ‘airtight’ like bags that are reusable to roll up to extinguish the air out of it and compress clothing pieces to GAIN more bag space. Here are a few items that I used to help compress/fit/squeeze my items in my carry on, so, I can get so much more in my carry-on compressing items.

The items for my favorite bathroom liquids

I found these awesome travel containers that prevent spillage from the containers and you can turn the lid that shows what is inside the container as well. And another item that I found a space savor was the Neutrogena individual makeup removers instead of bringing container of liquid makeup remover and cotton balls.

Packing for Travel, flight accessories

A flight that stated there was power on the flight, but to my surprise, you needed an international converter to charge. As a result , I didn’t get to charge my laptop during the flight. First thing I purchased was this converter once I got home, and it came in handy. Lastly, this will come in handy when we travel to Europe next year to celebrate our sons Graduation in 2021.

Noise Cancelling headphones

On a flight with my husband to Arizona, the plane was filled with such a loud and rowdy group, I couldn’t hear the audible book I was listening to, so I got some noise cancelling headphones that are wireless and also has a mic.

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Below is a curated guide to what I have found that has really worked well for me during our travels.

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