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Learning to reach out and get to know other makers

Posted by Katrina Schmitt on

Last year, I got to know another maker.  She was creative, entertaining and just straight out a genuine person.  Approachable for sure.  When I found out she was attending the #workbenchcon2019 conference while watching her Instagram stories.  Since then, I reached out, we joke etc... we met up while in Atlanta, and y'all, if you see her, go to her and say hi.  @pineandbirch.

While at @workbenchcon 2019, I found myself doing the usual Katrina thing,,,, sitting on a table and watching people and too shy to approached others.  Afraid they will look at me like 'who are you' and get that awkward silence....  My loving husband came along with me because he comforts me.  I found I pretty much tagged a long with my new friend and got introduced that way....  

Since then, I have gone outside my shell and comments, reached out or add other #makers that I briefly met at the conference or heard about them from others.  I have found something that I love.  want to do.. learn more...  working with wood... become creative with a lot of items...  I am a need to learn.. need to understand how something moves or is made...  They are kind people that are trying to be friends because they stylish or you are friends with who... they encourage and support others and I would say the majority of them will answer questions about their way/product/technique.

I have since gotten more tools, I watch more woodworking videos, going to (so far) 2 conference in the next year... actually 3 because I am attending the #InternationalBuildersShow in Vegas in 2020...  woohoo.

Thank god for my supportive husband.  

Have a great day people


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